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Established in year 2017, Simplyfyd Solutions has come alongway in offering a vast range of Recruitment Consultancy services across India. We have ramered a great reputation and fame and stand top placement consultants

Executive Hiring

Selecting senior executives is a critical process for your organisation. Simplyfyd Solutions can assist to ensure outcomes which deliver highly capable individuals well matched to your culture and future needs. Our professional approach will ensure that internal and external candidates develop positive impressions of your organisation and operations.

Executive hiring Firms are the recruitment agencies that deal with recruiting executives, managers, directors, and employees of the higher end of the hierarchy for various organizations. These firms have a varied range of contacts of corporate professionals employed at the senior level of the position. Executive search firms involve in the hiring process, conduct the interviews with the executives and select the candidate whose skills meet the specific requirement

We hold specialization in conducting detailed Executive Search for major industry players. Our dedicated professionals impart their extreme focus on executing a range of leadership hiring assignments along with channelizing their search for middle as well as senior management level professionals.

Permanent Hiring

We partner with you to provide time and cost-effective permanent Staff Hiring solutions . The recruitment process includes understanding your company and analysing the requirements of each job, attracting qualified individuals using innovative methods, screening and selecting applicants, building and negotiating the right remuneration package.

We assists you in selecting the most suitable candidates in any field on a permanent basis. With a dedicated belief of total commitment to the companies for whom TeamPlus provides permanent staffing services, it delivers value for money by careful screening of individual profiles. Our database for permanent staffing services includes serious candidates that possess the requisite experience and exposure to do complete justice to the nature of duties assigned. Hence if you need permanent staff for your company, rest assured, Team Plus will fulfill your HR needs and you can enjoy a relaxed and stress-free staffing procedure.

Contract Staffing

Rapid growth demands equally rapid scalability. In the current economic climate, businesses need to be flexible in order to grab opportunities for growth. However, gaining such flexibility is easier said than done. Simplyfyd Solutions Contract Staffing Solution to reduce cost and mitigate risk.

A temporary worker with an organization who will be on our (Simplyfyd Solutions) payroll. The reason is not too difficult to guess as organizations focus on their core business strengths in a highly competitive environment, the non-core functions are outsourced. We will provide the manpower for the latter. The manpower hired will be a temporary employee, therefore, the employee won't leverage the perks that a permanent staff would have. If the performance of the employee is satisfactory as per company guidelines then the person can be transferred on the permanent payrolls of the company. Statutory complexities are also taken care of by us. Contract staffing is a solution for the short-term staff requirement. The recruitment team from our end will take care of the kind of profile that is required on a prompt basis without any worry if the candidate leaves the company after the training period

HR & Payroll Outsourcing

If you are an owner or HR manager of a small/ medium business, you already know just how daunting and multifaceted your job is. Why not rely on a provider like Simplyfyd Solutions to take care of the mundane so you can focus on the strategic. No one could ever replace you, but you should consider outsourcing some of your HR tasks .

HR Outsourcing is generally an assigning of the whole or specific HR activities to a specialized professional other than the in-house HR department. HR outsourcing is carried out in different ways like Payroll, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, etc for better HR Management. Based on firm needs you can take the HR Outsourcing services. This will save the HR time of small companies and even big companies can leverage from it and can get the specialized services at an affordable cost. You can deploy your HR in other business development activities.

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